Owear Personal Protective Equipment

In today’s world Personal Protective Equipment is essential for protecting yourself and your patients from the threat of a potential contaminating virus. Tammex supplies Owear PPE products manufactured by Sentry Medical. Sentry Medical has been a trusted medical distributor since early 1990s. Tammex Medical provides a plethora of Owear products, ranging from Splash Resistant Gowns, Disposable Aprons, Overshoes, Overhead Isolation Gowns and substantially more.

Tammex Medical supply Owear Medical related products and offer outstanding support providing our customers with reassurance so that if any issues arise, we will be there to assist and go above & beyond to meet your needs. Contact one of our team members today on 1300 722 341 to assist you with what Owear Medical products would be best suited for you.